Bloxorz 2 – Return of the legendary game

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Bloxorz 2 Game

Bloxorz2There are thirty three stages when playing bloxorz 2 which follows specific instructions in order to emerge successfully. The ultimate aim when playing this game is to make the block to fall and get to a square hole which is strategically positioned by the end of every stage. This is clear game which is easy to learn and play online. The block is controlled and moved along within the interface using the arrow keys. These are the up and down keys as well as right and left keys. A lot of care is taken when moving the block to avoid falling off at the edges. Once the block falls, the whole game is restarted again.

There exist switches and blocks which are found in many levels of this game. When the blocks press the switches, they become activated and the player should not keep pressing them with the block to keep the bridges blocked. The two switches are activated differently. Heavy ones require a lot of pressure from the block and thus require the bigger part of the block to rest on them. The soft ones are activated when any part of the block touches them.

Upon activation, the each switch will behave in a certain manner which is different from others. This creates changes on the bridges. Green and red boxes which keep flashing indicate which bridges are being used and operated. It is good to note that orange tiles are the most fragile. The third switch which is ()-shaped causes the block to split into two small blocks which can be selected using the space bar. These small blocks are sufficient to activate soft switches but they are inadequate to operate heavy ones. A small block cannot end a stage because it cannot pass through the exit hole. The pass code of every stage is located at the top right corner and should be remembered throughout the game.